Lately, I've been having problems following other people's logic. For example, it doesn't make sense to me that Lassen Medical makes patients sign a form saying that patients have the right to privacy and that all medical information will be kept confidential and then they weigh patients on a scale located next to a busy receptionist and the waiting room. What's next? May I suggest a toilet next to the scale for people to leave their urine samples? Or perhaps they could equip the chairs in the waiting room with stirrups? Hmmm...

I think that small children have more common sense than adults do. My little niece was
pondering why people do what they do. She said to her mom in an annoyed tone,
"There are lots of adults smoking cigarettes! Why do so many people smoke?"
Her mom answered, "Because it's hard to's a bad habit."
"Well, so is picking your nose and they're not doing that!"
"Really?" her mother laughed.
"I'm not kidding!" She insisted.
Recently, she was watching "The Wizard of Oz" and this irritated her as well.
"This movie doesn't make any sense at all! This scarecrow is saying that if he had a brain, he would
be happier, but how could he know that when he doesn't have a brain?" Yeah! My kind of kid!

And then there's my own husband's logic. I was going through our closet tonight and asking what shoes
he wanted to get rid of. I was putting these in a bag for a yard sale. There was one steel-toed boot
that for some reason didn't have a mate and Joe grabbed it and stuck it in the bag.
Yeah…because you never know when a one legged man is going to show up at your yard sale on his way
to a butt-kicking contest looking for a steel-toed boot, right after you've thrown one away.
I hate it when that happens.

Finally, to renew my teaching credential, I had to answer this question:
"Have you ever been convicted, including a conviction based on plea of no contest, of any felony or misdemeanor in California or any other place? You must disclose your conviction even if the case was dismissed pursuant to Penal Code Section 1203.4. You may omit misdemeanor marijuana-related convictions that occurred more than two years prior to this application, except convictions involving concentrated cannabis, which must be disclosed regardless of the date of such a conviction."
So, it's not okay to break the law unless you break the law by using pot?
Does this mean that the schools will overlook marijuana-related incidents when students are involved?

Good news to report…
I was not thrown in jail last month, despite Joe's dire prediction. The background on this prediction is that I had finally gotten around to sorting through a pile of mail and I found a jury summons for a date 3 weeks prior. I've never overlooked jury duty before and so I asked Joe what happens in Tehama County if you don't show up and he, with a straight face, said I was going to jail. I didn't believe that, but he had me halfway
convinced that I would have to do some kind of community service. I was aghast…it was my
kind of luck to have to explain a failure to show for jury duty on job interviews for the rest of my life, and to lose my teaching credential, while someone who broke the law with marijuana could get away free. I decided to drive to the court house and take care of it right then…why wait? Well, the office was closed, but there was an officer in the courthouse who asked what he could do for me. I showed him the jury summons and asked what would happen. "Oh," he said knowingly as he looked it over. "You're going to jail."
Oh…not funny!
The next day, I found out that the whole thing had been cancelled and so I wouldn't have had to show up anyway. FYI, if you fail to show up for jury duty in Tehama County, the court takes note of it. If it happens a second time, you may have to show up and explain, and if it happens a third time, there will be consequences. Whew!

As for Joe, I really relished telling him that we would have to pay a $300 fine because I'd failed
to show up for jury duty. After he finally calmed down and accepted this, I told him the truth.

Later that night, I was making dinner and singing the Pet Shop Boys song, "What have I, what have I,
what have I done to deserve this?" Joe immediately said, "Let me get the list!"

Love that reply…and when he's not throwing a boot without a mate into the yard sale bag,
I like his common sense. I wish I could say the same of Betty Crocker...
Sorry, but the beaters, bowls, and spoons are going to be licked clean as long as there are kids in my house.
I've told them not to do this, but they tell me that wasting perfectly good brownie batter doesn't make sense.
So it seems that until there is a surgeon general's warning of death on the box, they're going to eat raw batter.
They tell me it's hard to's a bad habit.
Yeah...well so is picking your nose, and they're not doing that.
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