Something strange and it don't look good...
Who ya gonna call?

Well, you could start with California's Official Red Bluff Paranormal Society.
Recently I spoke to Scott and Jeremiah, two very nice guys who have a fascination
with investigating the paranormal.  First, I wanted to know exactly what type of
paranormal activity they would know, did they believe in alien
abductions.  Their interests don't extend to such topics, they are drawn to
disproving ghost theories if possible.  They have crawled under houses to check
for noisy pipes and examined loose shutters, trying to find the sources of supposed
spirits.  Sometimes they can find no other explanation except that some kind of
paranormal activity is going on. 
So is there any place in Red Bluff that they especially want to see?
The Chinese tunnels top the list.
I don't quite know what to believe about the tunnels.  I grew up hearing about
them but many people say that they don't exist. 
I was once in the unused basement of a store on historic Main Street and saw a very
old door leading somewhere.  It was bolted shut.  The walls of the basement were
made of brick and the whole place had not been restored...I wondered about
tunnels when I saw it.  The Chinese tunnels (should they exist and Scott and
Jeremiah believe they do) are rich in history and are a perfect place to look for
paranormal activity.  I had a great time talking with these guys, listening to where
they've been, what kinds of places they'd like to go and listening to ghost stories. 
If you have some weird thing you can't explain you can call these guys and they'll
check it out.  Click here to visit their newly launched website. 
They'll be adding pictures later.

This piqued my interest in Chinese tunnels and Red Bluff history.
Do let me know if you have any stories or photos you'd like to share.

Other strange stuff...

Two learning opportunities for the week...
a woman ran into my parked car
and a kid stole $20 from me.

These kinds of events don't make me mad...they just happen.
I took my cell phone out of my pocket and when I returned it I realized that a $20 bill
had dropped to the ground.  I asked the group of teenage boys I was with if they
had seen it.  One said that he had seen another boy pick it up.  Of course, he wasn't
inclined to be honest, and this made a few of the others take offense for me. 
One said, "April, I'll make him give it back." 
I told him not to, don't start a fight over $20.  It's not worth it.
Some people don't have respect for others' property.
The woman who ran into my car was parked next to me at the grocery store.
As I pulled in next to her, I noticed she was parked at an odd angle.
I turned off my car, got my purse, and sat back for just a second before grabbing the
handle to open the door.  Just then, she pulled out, scraping my car down the 
driver's side.  Incredibly, she didn't stop her car until it was out of its parking spot. 
I sat there thinking how glad I was that I hadn't been getting out of the car,
but mostly I was glad that Daisy hadn't been getting out of the backseat.
That could have killed her!
It's just a bit upsetting to be hit while you're in a parked car.
The gal who did the damage hopped out of her car and asked me, hands on hips,
"Where did you come from?"

Good question.

A better question, why did this happen?
Maybe so I would give Daisy a hug because I'm glad she's okay,
because I'm glad I didn't get hit in a moving car,
because as bad as things are, they could always be worse.
Do you ever count your blessings when things are rotten?
Someone told me the other day that I can laugh at life because
I've never had anything serious happen to me.
I didn't correct her, the truth is, I can laugh at life because it has thrown
some very serious problems my way. 
Serious problems help you realize that
a dented and scratched up car ain't so bad.
What is most important is that no one was injured and that
in both situations I responded in a mature way.
I hate seeing adults act like children, screaming at people and getting angry.
Is that really going to help the situation?
Sure, I was disappointed, but things could be worse.
It's important to look on the bright side.
My car was damaged,
the other driver was upset over what she'd done.
However not everyone lost out this week.
Right now, somewhere in Red Bluff,
a kid is looking down at a $20 bill while pondering his
next CD's all good.

Next week, I'm going to show you something
I found on ebay.  It's really interesting.
Don't miss it.

Have a great week!